Our experienced technicians will provide you with effective rodent control for your home or business.

​It might seem that today’s modern homes are far too sealed up to ever have to worry about rodents, but the reality is a mouse can squeeze into a space much smaller than you might imagine. Mice and rats enjoy living in an environment where they are safe from predators and the elements, so they will search diligently for potential access points. Here at iDeal Pest Control, when you call us for rodent control because you suspect you have some squatters, we’ll inspect your home thoroughly, not just looking for the rodents themselves, but also their point of entry, so it can be resolved to avoid new critters finding it.


Our rodent control services include setting up traps and baits, so you enjoy long-term results for a rodent-free home or business. Rodents aren’t picky about the homes they choose and are as content to take up residence in a mansion or a small hunting cabin. Thus, any home in Northeast Ohio area can find itself housing a family of rodents. If you suspect a problem because you hear their movements in the attic, walls, or other areas or you have noticed droppings or chewed materials, don’t hesitate to contact us to learn about our rodent control services.

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