Eupopean Hornet Extermination Services in Northeast, OH

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The European hornet is the largest eusocial wasp native to Europe. It is also the only true hornet found in North America, having been introduced to the United States and Canada from Europe as early as 1840. European Hornets are known for making intricate paper-like nests out of surrounding plant materials and other fibers.

This species stings in response to being stepped on or grabbed, but generally avoids conflict. It is also defensive of its nest and can be aggressive around food sources. Care should be taken when they are found in these circumstances, as they may sting without warning. European hornets are largely carnivorous and hunt large insects such as beetles, wasps, large moths, dragonflies, and mantises. They also feed on fallen fruit and other sources of sugary food.

Our Process to Get Your Hornet Problem Taken Care Of

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Step 1: Consult

Reach out for 100% free consultation for your home or business. We'll assess your property and work with you to create a plan that works best to eliminate hornets from your residence.

Step 2: Schedule

We will work together to find a time that works best for your schedule. Same day appointments are sometimes available if your pest control needs are urgent.

Step 3: Exterminate

Our professional team of hornet exterminators will usually take care of the interior and exterior of your home. We'll follow up as needed to make sure hornets are no longer present in or around your home.

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"Gary is one of the most professional people. He knew exactly how to take care of our pest issue. We are super pleased with his knowledge and service. Highly recommend him and this company."
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Jun 26th, 2023
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Dec 7th, 2022